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34) Renate Transmantiner - 16.01.2020
Hi Conny,

I had a very nice afternoon looking through your collection,amazing!!!
Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks Renate. You\'ve seen it in Real Life too! ;-)

33) bob - 25.11.2018
Hello again!.The one you have from NZ (in Rimu wood) is actually a dice shaker. I have the same one.I managed to track down the maker and he told me that!.Cheers, Bob.
Kommentar von Conny:
I couldn\'t figure out which one you meant. But thanks for pointing that out

32) Hydie Miller - 11.09.2018
Fascinating website and entertaining as well. Well done Connie!

31) Marina - 28.01.2018
Hello it is butiful collection and well organized web page ! I also collect hedgehogs from 2006.

30) John Godden - 01.09.2016
Great website well done Connie

29) Timothy McCabe - 08.06.2015
Amazing. Good look with establishing or adding to an existing museum.

28) Pauline - 10.09.2013
Beautiful Connie <3

27) silke - 28.07.2013
Ich habe auch eine kleine sammlung - so etwa 350 stück - einige habe ich auch hier wieder gefunden.Bei mir fing dieser spleen an, als mir zwei nachbarinnen zwei igel schenkten, als ich zum studium von zu hause wegzog. Ich hatte bei meinen eltern immer igel gefüttert - zeitweise bis zu 12 igel in einer nacht. So wurden es immer mehr, leider finde ich bei uns in der umgebung keine mehr, die ich noch nicht habe. Ich bin fasziniert von igeln,ich denke ich bin vom charakter auch ein wenig wie ein igel ;-))). Letztes jahr hat ein kleiner kerl bei mir überwintert...ich hatte ihn mit 260 gramm ende november gefunden und ende mai mit 800 gramm wieder in die freiheit entlassen.
Weiterhin viel glück beim finden...
Silker aus ostfriesland

26) Carl Vetter - 17.07.2012
I love your collection. I have a small collection of around 150 or so. They can be found on Facebook at the League of Extraordinary Hedgehogs (LXH). It\'s a labor of love in progress. I need to update it, but you\'ll get the idea. Thank you for sharing your collection.

25) Stanislav Tvrdik - 02.10.2011
I am a collector of HEDGEHOGE PUZZLES,
on a Facebook I have 3 photos of these
puzzle toys

24) Susan - 22.02.2011
Now I need to count my hedgies. I don't think I have 5600, but I must have at least 2000. Impressive collection. Time t catalogue the collection.

23) jennifer olsen - 12.01.2011
What a terrific collection! I have only a few in my "collection" but we give them a whole lot of love. I, too think you should approach Guinness Book of World Records.
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you. I wonder if Guiness would want to count them all :-)

22) Andreas Beck - 25.12.2010
Liebe Conny,

meine Mutter (Hanni) und ich sind sehr beeindruckt von Deiner riesigen Sammlung, die einen sehr sortierten Eindruck macht. Ihr solltet wirklich demnächst eine Stiftung mit Museum eröffnen. Liebe Grüße, Andreas mit Mutter
Kommentar von Conny:
Danke Andreas und Hanni...ja irgend wann mal; Frage ist, wo?

21) Rita - 20.12.2010
Really impressive! Can you enter the Guiness Book of World Reconds? What an amazing effort to catalogue this massive collection. Great work! xoxo
Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks Rita. You helped \"gathering\" a few.

20) Eden Wong - 11.08.2010
Hi Constance. Glad to know you as another hedgehog lover. That's my no. 1 fave, other than ferrets and cats. I have a few hogabilia but I am glad to see the beautiful hedgehog postcards found in your site which I hardly find anywhere else. I'm from Singapore and I hope I can swap my local hedgehog or echidna stuff with your postcards if I can't find them elsewhere. I bless you with success in opening your Hedgehog Museum. Is that the first of its kind in the world?
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you. I know of one hedgehog museum in northern Germany that opened last Easter.

19) Ross McDonnell - 15.06.2010
Hello Constance

Hope your holiday went well. Here is address of my new hedgehog website: www.normanhedgehog.com. If you consider it suitable, you might wish to place it on your links page.

I may produce a \'Norman Hedgehog\' CD next year and will send you on a copy if I do.

All the best, and congrats on a really good website!

Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks Ross. There is link now to your website. Best wishes and hope the CD project turns out well!

18) icegirl - 10.03.2010
Hi, Constance! I'm your fellow collector Julia from Russia. Have you got my letter, I wrote to you on New Year's Day! I haven't received an answer, may be, postal problems... Now my website has translation to Russian, it is more convenient and informative for foreign guests. You can also se new exhibits! Hope we'll be in contact!Bye, Julia.
Kommentar von Conny:
Hi, am sure you meant translation to English. That is great! you have many lovely hedgehogs in your collection!

17) tadd - 23.02.2010
Your collection is amazing! I like it so much! hope to see it with my own eyes some day ;)

16) Jeannie - 22.02.2010
loved your collection. I too have a wonderful collection. My mother was British and they bring back fond memories. Thanks for sharing them! Jeannie Flagstaff, AZ USA
Kommentar von Conny:
hello! thanks, after 35 years of collecting, and help from others, this collection is indeed amazing.;-) Where can we see yours?

15) Willi - 11.01.2010
my name is Willi and I am a hedgehog. Please come visit my webpage and - once you are there - why not join "Sting" the career network for hedgehogs :-)
Best regards
Willi, owner of the second largest hedgehog collection
Kommentar von Conny:
and here is the link:

Kommentar von Conny:
Willi-igel has visited many places and been in many situations!

14) icegirl - 28.12.2009
Hi! I'm Julia from Russia. I've been collecting hedgehogs for 25 years now! I really love this clever, nice prickly animal and collect not only figures, but coins, stamps, different things where hedgehogs are depicted etc. I\d like to invite everybody to visit my new website, devoted to my collection:

13) Zadushnova Olga(Russia) - 24.12.2009
Collection and website are fantastic! May I invite you to visit my website. There is a page with hedgehogs made by me -http://olzakoza.narod.ru/photoalbum2.html
Kommentar von Conny:
These hedgehogs and mice are very cleverly made. I love the expressions!

12) Van Youngman - 05.03.2009
You will note by my e-mail address, we have one or two things in common. Love your collection. I\'ll show you some of ours soon.

11) Ulrike Berger - 17.02.2009
Hy Conny, thanks for remembering of you. I had your last mails still in my postoffice. Now I look at your side and realy enjoy it. You did a great job with all the pictures. Greetings Ulrike
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you Ulrike. Do stay in touch. Perhaps we can trade some? :-)

10) Jennifer Meidl - 06.02.2009
Hi Connie! Very impressive site - and easy to navigate. Congratulations!

Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks! Your website will expand now too:-))

9) Patricia McClure, Mexico - 02.02.2009
Thank you so much for your lovely website, Conny. It is so much fun to find someone even crazier that I am about hedgehogs. I bought my first in 1968 in Germany and I think you actually don't have it! It is called a NuNu Baby and it has two tiny wheels to move on.
Regards, Patricia

8) renate - 01.02.2009
Hi Conny,
I know a lot of your collection, but what I have seen at your website is fantastic and your whish list will not end...

love renate
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you. You are right, part of collecting is that there is always "one more"...

7) Maggie - 28.01.2009
Hey mom, website is fantastic - am so proud of you!!!


Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks sweety, some day this all might be yours! :-))

6) Anne Tischlinger - 25.01.2009
Congrats. on the extreme neatness and clarity of your presentation, Connie! You must have spent YEARS on it. I especially like the photo bottom R. on the front page - very artistic.
Kommentar von Conny:
Thanks! yes, decades collecting and many months taking photos and more scanning.

5) rainer - 25.01.2009
my test
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you Rainer for all your efforts to make this website so easy to update!

4) Christine Brunner - 24.01.2009
Formidable ! Ich werde sicher öfters nachschauen.
Kommentar von Conny:
:-) Danke, und ich habe soooo viele noch...

3) Sabine Tietz-Kramer - 24.01.2009
I am impreessed not only by the wonderful collection, but also by the clear structure of presenting the collection.
I am proud to know you know, Connie, and not only because of your care for hedgehogs ....
BTW have you ever seen a NOT smiling hedgehog? May be that`s another reason why we all love hedgehogs ...
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you, and keep smiling!

2) Tom Kühne - 28.10.2008
Dear mrs,

I am very glad to see that the hedgehog collection of my grandmother is in good hands with you! Your collection is impressive and I am proud that a part of it belonged to my grandmother!
Now I am able to revive the memories of my grandmother by seeing the pictures!

Thank you very much,

Tom Kühne
Kommentar von Conny:
I've added the initials H.K. to the items from your grandmother. Hope all will be accounted for in time.

1) John Godden - 27.10.2008
Its looking great Connie well done
Kommentar von Conny:
Thank you also for your contributions to the collection. :-)


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